Mick de Haas




Born 25th of May 1953

Married to Grace since 1983

Three boys, Joe-Jay (25), Charlie (21), Mickey (18).


Yes, if you do the math you will see that Mick and Grace are married 30 years this year.

You will also have calculated that Mick will turn 60 on the plane to Beijing… the night between May 24 and May 25.

Mick is CEO and founder of MdH sponsorship consultants with offices in Zug (Switzerland), Huizen (Holland) and London (UK).


Mick and his team advice corporate clients around the world with sponsorship strategies and plans. Since 1979 Mick has been involved in virtually every kind of sport or sports event in the world. Often representing the interests of global companies.


Cars and motorsport have always been a passion and ever since Mick first visited a race at the legendary Zandvoort racing circuit in the 60’s, he was hooked on the world of car competition.


Through his work Mick has and is able to work a lot in motorsport. He has been involved in Formula 1, Le Mans 24 hours, WRC, ALMS and Paris-Dakar. MdH is also promoter of the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC Championship and the FR 1.6 NEC.


MdH has or works in motorsport with some of the best-known car manufacturers in the world: Audi AG, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, Chrysler, Nissan, Jaguar, Mitsubishi.


Mick is founding partner in the first global sponsorship market place Yavay.net.

Anthony (Anty) Verloop




Born 14th of May 1952

Married to Sonja since 1982

Two children, son Joris (29) and daughter Carlot (26)


After studying Building Engineering in Utrecht (NL) Anthony has worked in the real estate business since 1978 (project development, investment, financing, and valuations). In 1985 a real estate broker exam was added.His current job is as senior risk manager with SNS Property Finance, an affiliate of the Dutch based SNS-REAAL Group (bank and insurance).


Cars have always been his passion, classic cars in general and driving rallies in particular. He drives an original 1973 MGBG GT V8 since 1979. As a little boy Anty had a poster of the first new Porsche 911 above his bed on which he already drew some typical rally attributes.


Around that time he also made future plans with his father and brother to make a trip from Holland to India with a Land Rover. That did not happen. However in 2008, a year before his father died, he and Mick completed the Himalaya Trial Rally from Maastricht (NL) to Timphu (Bhutan) via India. Although Mick and Anty agreed after finishing the 13.000 km’s never to do this again they joined the long distance Carrera Copacabana Rally in South America in 2010.


Joining and completing the Peking to Paris makes it a nice trilogy.