mercedesWe are using our trusted 1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3.5 V8 that was rebuild and transformed to a good rally car by Mercedes specialist Geert Jansen from Ulft (NL)

The car tackled the 6 weeks Himalaya Trial without any big problems. Since the return from Calcutta in January 2009 Geert has been hard at work to get the car back in shape for the next rally. Everything was checked over or replaced

One major item on our wish list after the Himalaya Trial was a ‘manual gearbox’ Although the standard automatic box held up very well during the Himalaya ordeal we could not help think that a manual box would make driving this type of rallies much easier. However there are not many of this type of cars with a manual box and if you can find one they are often very expensive. Geert found a donor car from the same year with same engine and with a manual 4-speed gearbox, pedals (yes you need a clutch pedal) for a very reasonable price.
He fitted the lot to our Benz and now it drives like a DTM car fantastic. Beautiful the sound of the V8 at full revs.
I can’t wait to take it to S-America where the roads are fast and have a lot of gravel.

I am taking a ‘drift course this summer’…

It will make driving on snow and ice a lot easier (we hope).For the winter trail we fitted the best Vredestein Snow Track tyres that we could find. Also we are tacking a set of very high tech snow chains called Pewag ‘Snogs’ and also a set of Spike Spyder’s for emergencies.

Michiel van Wulfen at Advantage Design in Almere did some fresh stickering and the cars are now fitted with high tech tracking system, which should enable you to follow us every day. This was provided by the organisers to keep an eye on us.

The V8 engine has 200 bhp but we now have a second engine with the donor car and are considering tuning this one a bit for the rally of S-America but more of that later. Geert thinks 250 bhp is possible.

The Benz is ready to roll….